Interview With Richard Allen Crook of

I am trying to learn more about color, so I interviewed Richard Allen Crook.


Today I am excited to have Richard Allen Crook of Crooked Path Films on my interview show today. (Facebook)

Richard is a cinematographer, editor, steadicam operator and has own awards for his projects such as the Best Narrative Film at the California Film Festival.

I watched Richard’s color demo he has on Vimeo and I was blown away on how he could push the color around anyway he wanted. I didn’t know you could stretch the color like that, I always thought you had to make small changes. Richard makes it look easy, which I can tell you it is not. Also some of you might know Richard from his picture style called Crooked Path Flat.

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(Sorry the audio quality is not up to my normal standard, I hope to improve that soon).

Questions I Asked Richard:

  • For those who don’t know you, can you give us a little background on what you do?
  • Do you always use your flat setting, or does it depend on the lighting and contrast of each situation?
  • In Premiere there are many ways to adjust levels, which one do you use?
  • Break down the window light desk setup from your demo reel. Software used, each filter, work-flow order.
  • Break down outside shoot, what filter used on the sky without adding noise?
  • What is done better sharpening in camera or Premiere?
  • Does the order matter when adding effects in Premiere?
  • What does 8 bit 4:2:0 color space mean?
  • Favorite recent movie or TV show that influences how you color?
  • Which Magic Bullet Looks should I get?
  • What exercises can I do to become better at coloring?
  • ND filters? Do you use polarizer filters at all?

Crooked Path Films Color Demo Reel