Podcast Interview with Caleb Pike on DSLR Video

I am excited to have Caleb Pike on my very first podcast. Give it a listen, I’m sure you learn a few things.


I’m excited to introduce my first audio podcast. The community over at Vimeo.com is amazing and that’s where I met my first guest for this podcast. Caleb Pike has some great video tutorials on some tips and tricks with his DSLRVideoShooter.com site that everyone needs to check out. Caleb is passionate about teaching, and his site has helped inspire me to start this site to also share what I’ve learned.

Listen to the podcast here:

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In the podcast I asked Caleb the following questions:

What is your background and how did you get started with DSLR video?

What DSLR camera do you use and why did you pick it?

For those just getting their first DSLR that can do video, what can they expect when trying to shoot video for the first time?

Q. For someone just starting out with their first T2i or 7D what lens do you suggest starting with for video?

A. Keep in mind that on the 7d and the T2i there is a crop factor of 1.6 so whatever focal lens you get if you multiply that by 1.6 that is the equivalent focal length unless you are getting a lens for the APS I believe, slightly smaller than full frame so that 50mm is more like an 80mm, that’s why you feel like it is zoomed in a little much, on the Canon 5D the 50 is beautiful. I see a lot of people getting the Sigma 30mm which is a prime lens and it pretty fast and that gives you a 50mm focal length once you multiply it by the crop factor. For video the Sigma 24mm to 70mm is huge about $600.

What accessories do you recommend for the DSLR video beginner. (ND filter etc.)

I hear that you want to use the lowest ISO because of noise, but what is the best way to figure out what ISO to use? Which is the highest ISO you want to use for video?

What methods do you use to focus your camera for video?

Do you like to white balance in post or get it right in the camera first?

What podcast or blogs do you follow for learning more about DSLR video?

When setting up your 7D for video what are some of the menu items that you change? What picture style do you use and what do you have the Highlight Tone Priority set on?

What NLE do you use? Are you a PC or a Mac guy? When you publish for the web like on Vimeo can you share some of the rendering settings you use like bitrate?

I would like to try some slow motion. I understand if I shoot at 60fps 720p that I can get a nice slow motion effect using my NLE, but I have no idea where to start. How can I do that with my NLE?

Any other tips or trick that can help people like me to get the best quality out of their cameras?

Show Notes:

Here are some of the links we talked about:

For someone just starting out with their first T2i or 7D what lens do you suggest starting with for video?
Canon 50mm 1.4
Sigma 24-17mm
What accessories do you recommend for the DSLR video beginner.
A Good Card
Tripod (Velbon DV-7000)
H4nRode Vid Mic
Fader ND
What are some good ways to focus your camera for video?
Follow FocusCinevate Focus lever
RedRock Micro Follow Focus
List of DSLR Blogs and podcasts

Super Flat Picture Style
Shane Hurlbut’s Picture Style Post
Highlight Tone Priority noise test

I have a few more people I would like to interview so hopefully I can do more of these and perhaps put them on ITunes as well.