Why Advertise on LearningDSLRVideo

I think I have some of the best DSLR Video content on the web for those wanting to get started with video on their new DSLR cameras. Most of our videos are view over 10,000 times within a few weeks of going live.

Here are some of emails I get daily:

“Your videos are far and away better than ANY other I have seen online. I checked the most visited DSLR sites you listed earlier; none hold a candle to your no-nonsense, fast, polite and easy videos.  Please stick with it.” - David C.
“I was really excited to get it (T2i) and start recording video. But I lost some of my excitement when doing video because of the exhausting amount of settings just to do a simple recording. Then I came across your training clips. I’m now getting back on that high and your tips have been great.  The White balance tips was something I never thought about. Thanks again and I’ll be looking for more.” - Doug D.
Every time I type in something to do with Canon, your videos come up! You’re awesome!” – 2isTheNew1
“I don’t know if it’s the correct way, but your video is one of the best looking ones I’ve ever seen on YouTube, so you’re doing something right.”
- Speckynation

Banner Advertising

We currently offer graphical banner advertising opportunities located on the right sidebar of the page just below Bonus video signup area. The banner ads automatically rotate position. We currently have a limit of 8 sponsors.

Banner Requirements:

  • 125×125 pixel banner
  • 10K file size limit
  • Your graphic must be hosted by us
  • No animation (gif) or Flash ads
  • Graphic linked to your landing page (nofollowed)
  • Only from companies that sell products which are of genuine interest to my audience.


A minimum three-month (90 days), pre-paid contract.


$200 per month.


Up to 3 changes to the banner ad are allowed during the 3 month duration.

Paid Reviews? Sorry no.

Sorry I don’t not offer paid reviews, this keeps me as unbiased.

Also having a banner ad on my site does not give you special treatment on what I review. I only review items that I am interested in or I am thinking of buying myself. I like to distance myself from the manufacturers and receive review units from B&H Photo so I am not returning a unit and a bad review to a manufacturer which can be awkward.

April. 2014 Statistics for LearningDSLRVideo

All data is compiled from Google Analytics for accuracy.

  • Visits: 100,500
  • Unique Visitors 75,100
  • Pageviews: 171,000
  • Average time on site: 1:42

AdWords Site Targeting (if you are not interested in banner ads)

If you don’t want to do banner ads on my site, the easiest way to advertise is to “Display Planner” with your Google AdWords account, your ad will then appear within my AdSense blocks. I have setup my account so you can see impressions per day and CPM data for each ad block I have setup on my site.